i just had this conversation with my friend and it is magical.

I just saw The Women with a pre-show interview with Anna Kendrick.

I just saw The Women with a pre-show interview with Anna Kendrick.

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It’s time for this to be a new crime drama. Law enforcement officer that goes by her gut with her incredibly smart, no-nonsense partner?

'Cause that's never happened before.

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2 much swagga 2 handle

2 much swagga 2 handle

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Greatest Selfie of all time.

Why are we not talking about how Maura would absolutely squeal over a colorless crystalline form of pure carbon?? The woman loves material goods. She smiles over shoes. She finds happiness in fashion. She takes pride in picnic pants. Picnic Pants. A nice piece of jewelry, a significant piece of jewelry with potential cultural and anthropological meaning attached to it? That is Dr. Smarty-Designer-Pant’s wheelhouse. Not people, not some situations (maybe even including this one), but a diamond ring? That’s exactly what she knows how to react to. 

But this particular ring, this particular piece of beautiful carbon, this is on Jane’s finger, and it’s from Casey.

Not even her fondness for Jane’s softer side can get her to admit that it’s pretty. Because even if it is quantitatively “pretty”—a precise cut, well set, perfect clarity—Maura cannot admit it lest she break out in hives. It’s not pretty. It’s not pretty because it represents losing everything that has ever really mattered to her. And none of that has anything to do with the material goods she adores.

I hate this show.

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